Thursday, April 23, 2009

9 Ways to Add Cottage Style

1. Bring in Wood Tones

Add warmth with wood. A mix of wood species, including painted and antique furniture pieces, enriches visual texture.

2. Add Florals to the Mix

Refresh with florals. Fabrics, walls, and window treatments with bold or quiet floral patterns are quintessential cottage fare.

3. Shutter a Window

Install interior shutters. Shutters make great window treatments, but they can also be used to dress up bare interior walls.

4. Choose Comforting Colors

Waterfront cottages often take cues from the blue sea and sky, while woodsy cabins embrace earthy and forest-inspired hues. Country and city cottages tend toward neutrals and pastels.

5. Add More White

Cloak surfaces in white. Clean white molding, trim, beaded board, and cabinetry are hallmarks of this fresh style.

6. Blend Old vs. New

Blend old and new. Secondhand and salvaged objects, such as old windows, doors, and gates, make first-rate accessories. Or use treasured collectibles, such as clocks, quilts, and vases, to impart a homey feel to newly remodeled spaces.

7. Display on Open Shelving

Combine storage and display. Open shelving and corner cabinets are great places to stow and showcase everyday goods and add some cottage style as well.

8. Focus on Fixtures

Vintage-look fixtures such as farmhouse sinks, claw-foot tubs, and faucets with traditional lines reinforce a charming cottage style.

9. Go for Outdoor Touches

Bring the outdoors in. Garden-variety cottage style can be created with floral print wallpaper, pots of plants, fower arrangements, garden elements, or outdoor furniture.

Nak Tau........lebih lanjut lagi untuk kerja2 Projek Fantasia Gua.......Jom Redah ke


MariaFaizal said...

i love this!
You know how much I love cottage style.. :D

Bro, seems that you're referring to the same magz that i've been reading too!

Way to go bro!

Tukang cerita said...

Just nak komen n3 di bawah....

kami suami isteri, 200% tak pcaya pada maid...
byk pengalaman kawan2, ahli keluarga...yg buruk2 saja pasal maid nih...

4 org anak sedara sy, pnah ditinggalkan begitu sahaja di luar rumah oleh bibik yg lari...

memang pengalaman ngeri...

Ivy Metaga said...

ohhh sy suke style2 kat atas tuh..

Dj Epoi said...

Sis Maria -
Yup!!!! Gua tau ni taste Lu & Bro Faizal.........rasanya Rumah Lu lagi cantik dan kemas arrrrrrrr!!! Serius!!!!

Dj Epoi said...

Tukang Cerita -

Lu buat Gua telan aier liouuuur tak lepas siut!!!
Menakutkan sungguh!!!

Terima Kasih!!!
Semua feed back yang Gua dapat 90% tak bersetuju!!!!

Termasuk Suked!!!

Habis camana?
Buat Bodoh..... jerlah kan!!!!!

amirul said...

Salam Bro,
Ini favourite Sis Maria nih...

Biszign said...

hallamak, kalau bley buat rumah camni... alangkah bahagianyeee hidop denn uhhuhu

only me ^erien'z^ said...

wallaweh...cottage stlye sgt cun!huhuuhu!
yeah,add more white!so suci!hehe!

only me ^erien'z^ said...

add more white!yes2..!