Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free For Palestin.......

Wahai Saudara Islam Ku
Anak ini mencuba unt
uk menyelamatkan Ibu nya yang dalam keadaan kritikal

Bayangkan apa yang sedang dipesan oleh Ibu nya sebelum dia menghembuskan nafas terakhir.
Bagaimana kah perasaan anak ini dan apakah keadilan yang diharapkan akan membuka mata dunia?

Pejamkan mata Anda buat seketika serta bukakan hati sudah tentu kalau boleh Anda ingin menjadi seseorang yang akan bangun dan membela nasibnya.

"Ya Allah!! Sebagaimana Engkau Pernah menghantar burung-burung ababil menghancurkan tentera bergajah Musyrikin, maka kami memohon kepada mu Ya Allah....... . turunkan lah bantuan mu kali ini kepada orang orang Islam di Libanon/Palestin, hancurkanlah rejim zionis..amin. ..."> >
(Lalu bacalah surah Al Fil / membayangkan kehancuran tentera Yahudi - dengan Izin Allah)

Surah al fil:
"A'lam tara kayfa fa'ala rabbuka bi as-hab al-fil
"A'lam ya'jal kaydahum fi tadlil Wa arsala alayhim tayran ababil
"Tarmihim bi hijaratin min sijjil Fa ja'ala hum ka asfin ma'kul"

Lipat gandakan doa ini. Kirim kepada 7 orang rakan anda yang lain..
Maka 7 X 7 X 7 X 7 X 7 X 7 X 7 = 823453 orang akan berbuat berdoa,
kemudian 823453 X 7 = 5.8 juta orang...InsyaAllah akan ikut berdoa...


MariaFaizal said...

masih ad-dajjal @ antichrist is refered as the same person by both religion: islam and christian. however their mission would be different because dajjal story is written in hadiths and antichrist story is written in bible: book of revelation.

The Antichrist - copied from also described in the Bible as the "son of perdition" & the "beast" and the dajjal - copied from above blog. and the writer has arranged them for everybody to understand easily the difference of definition between the two religions.

The Antichrist could well rise out of the current chaos in the former Soviet Union. The prophet Ezekiel named him as the ruler of "Magog", a name that Biblical scholars agree denotes a country or region of peoples to the north of Israel. Many have interpreted this to mean modern day Russia. His power base will include the leading nations of Europe, whose leaders, the Bible says, will "give their power & strength unto the beast."

The Bible even gives some clues about his personal characteristics. The prophet Daniel wrote that the Antichrist "does not regard the desire of women." This could imply that he is either celibate or a homosexual. Daniel also tells us that he will have a "fierce countenance" or stern look, and will be "more stout than his fellows"--more proud and boastful.

Ubadah bin Saamit (R.A.) once said, "I have explained Dajjal to you but I fear that you might not have understood. Maseeh Dajjal will be short, and his legs will be crooked. The hair on his head will be extremely twisted. He will have one eye (with which he can see, and this is the protruding eye about which other ahadeeth inform us) while his other eye will be totally flat. It will neither be deep (in its socket) nor protruding."

The 7-year peace-pact (or covenant) that is engineered by the Antichrist is spoken of a number of times in the Bible, & may even have already been signed in secret. The historic peace agreement signed between Israel & the PLO at the White House on September 13, 1993, vividly illustrates how dramatically events in the Middle East are presently moving in this direction.

Under the final terms of the Covenant, Jerusalem will likely be declared an international city to which Judaism, Islam & Christianity will have equal rights. Scripture indicates that the Jews will be permitted to rebuild their Temple on Mt. Moriah, where they revive their ancient rituals of animal sacrifice.

The Antichrist will rise to power on a wave of world euphoria, as he temporarily saves the world from its desperate economic, military & political problems with a brilliant 7-year plan for world peace, economic stability & religious freedom.

According to prophecy the Antichrist will not only be a master of political intrigue, but also a military genius. Daniel describes several major wars that he fights during his 7-year reign, apparently against the U.S. & Israel, who will oppose him during the second half of his reign.

For awhile, most of the world is going to think the Antichrist is wonderful, as he will seem to have solved so many of the world's problems. But , three-and-a-half years into his seven year reign he will break the covenant & invade Israel from the North.

dajjal will stay on this Earth for a period of forty days; the length of the first day will be one year, the second day will be equal to one month, the third day will be equal to a week and the remaining days will be normal.
He will be unable to enter Makkah because the Malaikah will be guarding the Holy City and nor will he be able to enter Madina because there will be Malaikah guarding each of the seven entrances to Madina; From Madina he will proceed towards Shaam where Imaam Mahdi will be stationed.

At this time he will make Jerusalem his world capitol & outlaw all religions, except the worship of himself & his image. The Bible says that the Antichrist will sit in the Jewish Temple exalting himself as God & demanding to be worshipped.

The writer's comment:

to make the prediction come true, the jews refered to bible book of revelation. in order to make sure he jesus will decend to earth, the jews must conquer the baitul maqdis. so what we see today in news about israel attacking palestine is just to make sure the prophecy is true.

this also makes the prophecy of qiamat is getting nearer. maybe we will see the first big signof qiamat real soon.

P/S:I have copied/paster the above doa (from yours BRO DJ!) to Farizzet's blog.Tx..

Dj Epoi said...

SiS Maria Thanks for your support....!!!

Dj Epoi - PEACE...